How Are Custom Poly Bags Made?

If you’re thinking of poly bag packaging for your new product, it’s easy to understand why. Custom poly bags are versatile, durable, and inexpensive. They’re also easy to customize to fit your product, as well as a great method to marketing a brand. The speedy production is perfect when it comes to a limited lead time.

It’s no doubt that so many owners choose poly bags for their business’s packaging needs. Have you ever asked how poly bags can collect so many great features with quick production time? Here’s a closer look at how we make poly bags in Hanpak JSC.

Phase 1: Extrusion

Making poly bags starts with the process of blown-film extrusion. This includes melting down small plastic resin until they become molten and pliable enough to be extruded through a circular die gap.

This extrusion creates a continuous tube of molten plastic that gets pinched off on one end and inflated to the sizes and thickness required. The inflated tube is then stretched vertically on a tower to cool before flattened and wound onto a roll. Now we have ready film to make poly bags.

What is plastic film extrusion? - SPGroup

Phase 2: Transformation

Once the film blowing extrusion process is complete and the plastic is on the roll. It will go through a machine that cuts and seals the plastic at the specific length and width. This process repeats until enough poly bags are available to fulfill the order.

Custom Poly Bags

How poly bags make the packaging more effectively?

Poly bags are soft, flexible, and can meet varying specifications of sizes and thickness. So, they can accommodate pretty much any packaging design and need. No matter the size or shape of your new product, or how and where to transfer, you can use the poly bag packaging to protect it. The product will go from shelf to customer without damage. This not only helps to boost customer satisfaction but also improve your bottom line by reducing product failure and returns.

In addition, the processes of extrusion, rolling, and cutting use automated machinery. This allows the efficient and precise production with very little waste to save time as well as money. This is a must for small to mid-sized businesses with ambitious revenue goals.

Poly bags are also a more cost-effective solution to display detailed branding logos and text than other packaging materials available on the market.

Last but not least, poly bags have the major advantage in their fast turnaround time. This is a huge bonus when deadlines are looming, and often a key factor in a successful product launch.

Why Hanpak Poly Bags Rank Above the Rest?

Now you know the basic process to produce poly bags as well as what makes them such a great choice for packaging. The only thing left to do is finding out where to buy them! Hanpak prides itself on providing the best-quality poly bags on the market. And we can custom-manufacture your poly bags to any size, weight, and even quantity.

As a fellow of small to mid-sized business, we understand your needs and will take the time to get to know you, your product, and your goals. We will help you find the custom packaging solution that makes the most sense for you.

For the best poly bags at an affordable price and the fast turnaround time, Hanpak is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about all the options for poly bags we are offering. All of our orders are custom to your specifications and to help you succeed.

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