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Disposable Poly Gloves

About us

We are a manufacturer of Disposable Poly Gloves with more than 20-year experience in Vietnam.

Thanks to large capacity per month, we’re confident to bring customers:

  1. High quality products/Safe for foods
  2. Competitive factory price
  3. Fast and on-time delivery time
  4. Best sales service
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Features and Benefits

  • Designed with a looser fit for quick on and off
  • Reliable barrier for lighter duty tasks
  • Superior comfort helps to avoid hand fatigue
  • Our most economical glove choice

Why use disposable gloves?

Polyethylene Disposable Gloves are produced from materials that fully comply with FDA for food contact and food handling.

According to the FDA, unsafe foods and surfaces containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical substances were responsible for more than 200 diseases affecting 600 million people worldwide, causing many to fall ill after eating contaminated food.

The proper wearing of disposable gloves when preparing, cooking, and serving ready-to-eat foods is critically important to reduce the number of people affected by food contamination.

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Email/Skype: info@hanpak.com.vn

Mobile/WhatsApp: +84 898 545 893

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