Why you should change your current poly bag supplier? (Part 2)

5. Increased customer complaints:

Your customer is the person who ultimately uses your poly bags. They are better aware of the products’ quality. If you are consistently receiving complaints from your customers, it is evident that your supplier is not delivering as promised or the quality has declined.

In such situations, you should consider switching suppliers.

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6. Inconsistent response:

For a good client-customer relationship, a timely response is very important. You may be trying to call your supplier and find that they aren’t responding to your calls or not returning them. Or they aren’t addressing your complaints or concerns on time.

When faced with situations, you may think of changing your suppliers since a non-responsive supplier isn’t good for your business.

Poor customer service:

Every supplier must have an efficient customer service department that can handle complaints and redressals if the main point of contact or the representative is unavailable.

A customer service that can’t take care of last-minute orders or fix urgent issues is always a liability. Such suppliers must be discontinued for the sake of your peace of mind.

8. Employee feedback:

In situations where you don’t directly deal with the suppliers, have regular conversations with your staff who are in constant touch with them. This will help you spot inconsistencies and issues with your polybag suppliers

As above factors, let look out for suppliers who offer the best value for money and supply the best quality products, helping you further your business and improve your customer base.

Do  you think it is time to change your supplier then? We, at Hanpak, put our customers first and strive to meet the highest standards of quality and customer service.

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