Difference between HDPE and LDPE Garbage bags

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene): LDPE is a thin layer of polyethylene. Another variant of LDPE, LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), is very popular and is great for wet trash. It provides ample protection against tearing and puncturing. Since it can be used to store wet garbage, it is most commonly used in kitchens. Bags made from LDPE can also be used to store yard waste and sharp, pointy objects such as broken glass or metal pieces. LDPE is an elastic material, and can be used for several purposes. It has a softer look and feel than HDPE.

Advantages Of LDPE Bags

These bags:

  • Have high puncture and tear resistance than HDPE bags
  • Serve several applications
  • Are the most popular choice
  • Come in a variety of colors

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): high density garbage bags are great for lightweight trash, which is why they are generally preferred in bathrooms or offices. With light construction, they can be shipped and stored affordably. They have a superior moisture protection, and can contain odors. Garbage bags made from HDPE are thin and strong, and have a high tensile strength. Large sized high density garbage bags are thicker than smaller ones, and they can be used to carry heavy load that does not include sharp objects.

Advantages Of HDPE Bags

High density garbage bags:

  • Are much stronger than regular polyethylene bags with the same thickness
  • Can be made with less petroleum based materials
  • Save money on shipping and warehousing costs
  • Do not tear much even if they are punctured

Which Garbage Bag To Choose

To select the right trash can liner, you need to understand your specific needs. If you want a liner for soft kitchen waste, LDPE is the best option. If you want a trash can liner for office waste where you know that you will just toss paper in the waste paper basket, you can use HDPE bags.

To find out the strength required for trash can liner, you need to determine the usual weight of a full can liner, and then find a bag accordingly.

Another factor to consider while buying garbage bags is the type of the seal. Seal is the method by which the bottom layers of the bag are blended together. Three types of seals that you’ll commonly find are: flat, star, and gusset. Flat seals are used when you need to spread the bag out, so that the trash is not collected at the bag bottom. It prevents leakage, but does not easily fit trash cans. The star seal is made by folding the bottom several times and then sealing it. Such a seal will prevent leakage and generally fit easily in containers. In the gusset seal, the two sides of the bottom edge are tucked in. Such kind of a bag can leak if you store wet garbage in it, but it can be easily placed in trash cans.

HDPE vs LDPE Garbage Bags

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