Common types of garbage bags

Garbage bags are the most common plastic packaging used for household, hygiene and various fields. They are usually produced on rolls but with different styles of garbage bag that we can choose, for our own purpose.

1, In term of bag handles

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Drawstring Garbage Bag is one of the most popular types of Garbage Bags available nowaday. With a firm handle design on top, which makes it easy to lift, tie and carry trash when the bag is full and avoid leakage of external liquid at the same time              AMZ Supply Yellow T-Shirt Plastic Bags 12 x 6 x 22 Carry-Out Bags 12x6x22 Thickness 18 Micron Pack of 700 - Ldpe S Shape Star Seal Trash Bags On Roll - Plastic Kitchen Bin Liners Flap Tie Trash Bags - Buy S Shape Star Seal Trash Bags On Roll,Plastic Kitchen Bin Liners,Flap Tie

Not only with supermarket bags, T-shirt handles are also designed for garbage bags. In addition, there is a S-shape style, which is also considered as handles because it can be tied up before being thrown away.

2, In term of bottom of bags

Flat bottom bag is a main choice by many consumers. With affordable prices, reasonable quality, you can easily find them in any retailer or supermarket.

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Besides, Star Seal Bottom Bag is also widely known. Wide bottom design, making the space inside the bag expand a lot, the bag also becomes tougher and more sturdy.


3, C-fold/Folded in half bag on roll

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To save space for trash bag on a roll, it is usually folded in half or folded in a C shape, for easier distribution and storage. This type is common in the US, UK, Canada,..

Hopefully this article can help readers better understand the types of garbage bags with their outstanding features.

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