Bottom Seal vs Side Seal Plastic bag?

All plastic bags are sealed at the bottom or on both sides. Side seal bags are slightly cheaper and are usual for small size bags, while bottom seal bags are typically larger or for heavy duty applications. 

So, bottom seal and side seal bags, what exactly are they? Let Hanpak clarify for you now~

Plastic bottom seal bags that manufactured in Vietnam are made from flat plastic tubes.

The forming machine will seal and cut at the bottom of the bag. Before this stage, die cut, handle, air hole of the bag can also be operated depending on the intended use.

This type of bag can be used to store heavy, leak-proof items. Bottom seal bags can be used to store fruit, food, and garbage.

In addition, to increase the storage space, they can be designed with side gusset.

Plastic side seal bags

Side Seal bags are made using center fold film. The bag forming machine simultaneously cuts and seals the sides of the bag. Handles or air holes can be formed prior to the cutting and sealing operation, there are a number of variations on the side seal process.

The plastic side seal bags are widely used in trade show centers, used as multi-purpose bags that can be used for many different purposes. With larger bags, people often design with an additional bottom gusset.

Side seal bags should only be used to store light and small products. If you intend to carry heavier items, consider plastic bottom seal bags.

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