Should plastic bags be banned?

Due to many recent environmental health movements against plastics, many people believe plastic bags are detrimental to the planet’s health. This led to an increased usage of cotton and paper bags.

However, the question lies in whether these alternatives are better than plastic bags.

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1. Plastic is stronger and more durable than paper

The reason that supermarkets chose to use plastic bags rather than paper ones is simply that the former are not strong enough to carry large amounts of shopping. They are also lighter when shipped in multiples, making it easier for the shop to unload boxes of bags.

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2. Plastic bags are reused

One of the major reasons for banning campaigns is that plastic bags are only used once. However, this is not true. Less than 1% of bags are not re-used to some purpose, for example as trash bags. While grocery bags, shopping bags, etc… can be stored and reused for various purposes.

How to reuse?

3. Recyle and Biodegradable Plastic bags

Obviously, recycle and biodegradable bags are eco-friendly packaging. Older plastic might be recycled into plastic bags, while biodegradable allows bags to be degradable for a certain period of time.

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