An Essential Guide to Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

What is Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film (typically made with polyethylene) wrapped around items. It’s also commonly called stretch film or pallet wrap.

Due to the film’s elasticity, it keeps items tightly bound, stopping them from moving about during storage and transit. One of the most common uses is to secure products on pallets.

Stretch wrap is available in different colours, lengths, and thicknesses. The thickness of the film is measured in a unit known as a micron, sometimes referred to as mu. Usually, the higher the micron, the stronger the stretch film.

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The benefits of stretch wrap

Like most packaging supplies, stretch film is used to protect products in storage and transit, arguably one of the most important areas for customer experience.

If their order arrives damaged, it affects consumer perception and costs your business. The impact (if frequent enough) could be significant to areas like administration and transportation.

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Helps with the safe moment of goods

Minimising tampering

Different types of application

Hand application is when stretch film is manually applied by hand, which can be done with or without a hand dispenser. All hand-applied stretch films are supplied on standard cores for use with hand-applied applicators or extended cores.

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Machine application is when stretch film is applied to a pallet or product using a pallet wrapper. A pallet wrapper is a machine that automatically winds film around a product. Machine-applied stretch films are extremely strong and versatile, which saves time, resources and packaging materials for high-performance applications requiring higher tensile strengths. These films have excellent puncture resistance and good cling, slip and load retention.

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