Exploring the different types of Stretch film

What is Stretch Film 

Stretch wrap or stretch film is an extremely elastic plastic wrap that is stretched around various products (such as pallets of boxes) for shipping and transportation. The elastic recovery or stretchability of the film secures the products and ensures they are tightly bound.


Stretch wrap sticks tightly to itself and is used in millions of companies across the globe. It is often implemented in the unitizing of various products. Still, it can also be leveraged for packaging bundles of small objects.

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Cast Stretch film

Cast stretch film is made by applying a comprehensive manufacturing operation called cast extrusion. This action mandates the continual thrusting of a thermoplastic substrate into a flat die and onto a cooled roll.


The film gauge is resolved by how quickly the casting roll drags the plastic away from the die. This treatment causes cast films to boast superior clarity, allowing end users to observe the wrapped objects. This film stretches easier due to the molecules being aligned as they’re extruded.


Cast stretch film is exceedingly quiet when removed from the roll and relatively simple to stretch. Cast stretch film also provides two-sided cling that grants wrapped products the ability to remain firmly wrapped during transportation.


While cast stretch film has multiple fantastic attributes, such as a more affordable cost than blown film, it does not hold a candle to blown film in sustaining strength or protection against tearing. Cast stretch film can generally stretch easily but has less robust stretch memory than other films.

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Machine Stretch film

Machine stretch film was created to be used by a stretch wrap machine. It has the upper hand over hand film in various ways, including but not limited to quicker and greater efficiency in packaging, lower material spending, greater safety, and superior load containment. There are several kinds of machine stretch films: cast machine stretch film, blown machine film, and pre-stretched films.

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