A Brilliant Tip: Cling Film for Foods In The Garden

You probably already use plastic wrap to keep cooked food fresh in the refrigerator, but did you realize you can use plastic wrap in gardening? The same moisture-sealing qualities that make it work for keeping in food odors make it possible to start gardening with plastic wrap. If you’d like a few ours plastic wrap ideas, read on. We’ll tell you how to use cling film in the garden to help your plants grow.

That plastic wrap you use in the kitchen, called cling film, is very useful in the garden. That’s because it holds in moisture and also heat. Think about a greenhouse. Its plastic or glass walls hold in the heat and allow you to grow plants inside that would have to struggle to thrive outdoors.

Tomatoes are a great example. They grow best in a warm, protected environment. A cool climate, frequent wind, or too little sunshine can make it hard to grow these heat-loving plants, but tomatoes usually grow well in a protected greenhouse. Plastic wrap in gardening can do something similar.

One way to give a tomato a private greenhouse is to wrap the clingy paper around the bottom part of the tomato plant’s cage. First, anchor the plastic wrap around one of the vertical bars of the cage, then wrap around and around until the lower two horizontal rungs are covered. When you use this garden plastic wrap trick, you create a greenhouse effect. The wrap holds in the warmth and protects the plant from the wind.

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