6 reasons why you should use trash bags?

Should I use trash bags? Or, how do you prefer we put it out?”

We receive these questions quite often, We always tell people the same thing.

Yes, you should bag your trash with trash bags. I know many people are reading this going, “Duh, of course you should bag your trash? How else do you do it?” While others of you are saying, “I never bag my trash, why would I? I have a trash can.”

For those of you who do not bag your trash we would like to make this very clear…we aren’t condemning you for not bagging your trash. 

It’s not something most people think about, but we’re garbage bags manufacturer, so we think about garbage a lot. We just wanted to share this bit of insight with you and we appreciate your business whether your trash is bagged or not!

There are 6 major reasons you should bag your trash

1.     Trash Bags keep your trash can clean

PSHT…It’s a trash can, who cares if its clean?!

Well, your trash can sits around your house day in and day out. If the trash going into it isn’t bagged then chances are it’s leaving waste residue on the inside of the can.

Which over time can build up, decay, and begin to smell not so pleasant. There could also be things that start to grow in there… things that aren’t supposed to grow in there… 

The point is, if you’re going to have something sit around your home, wouldn’t you rather it be clean and not attracting flies, mold, and other things?

The handles tend to get snapped off, the sides and bottom crack sooner, and if there is wheels on your can they tend to fall off sooner as well. The residue itself could have something to do with the side and bottom cracking.

There is also the fact loose trash is more difficult to get out of a can than bagged trash, which ultimately exposes your can to more wear and tear when it gets dumped.

With trash liners, you just lift it out each time using.

Clean, simple and fast !

2.     Clean trash cans last longer

We don’t have scientific proof of this, it’s just an observation we’ve made over the years.

Trash cans with bagged trash tend to last longer.

We’re not exactly sure happens scientifically here, however we do know that trash cans with loose trash tend to break faster

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