PE Cling wrapping film uses you’ll wish to knew sooner

If you’re only using plastic wrap to keep your leftovers fresh, you’re tapping just a fraction of its potential

1.Use plastic wrap to keep the fridge top forever clean

Make the next time you clean the top of your refrigerator the last time. After you’ve got it all clean and shiny, cover the top with overlapping sheets of plastic wrap. Next time it’s due for a cleaning, all you need to do is remove the old sheets, toss them in the garbage and replace with new layers of wrap.

2.Protect your phone

Screen protectors can run anywhere from $15 to $40, but one box of plastic wrap is roughly $4

First, make sure to clean your phone screen. Then cut the plastic wrap, so it’s about three inches bigger than your screen. Stretch and smooth it over your screen and wrap any excess in the back of your phone before cutting it off. Then put your regular phone case back in place.

3.Keep flowers fresh

Extend the life of your fresh bouquet with plastic wrap. Cut a rectangle of plastic wrap and place a damp paper towel on top. Then put the ends of your flowers in the middle of the moist paper towel and fold them both up to keep the flowers fresh. You can use a bow or tissue paper to cover up this plastic wrap hack.

4.Trap fruit flies

Pesky fruit flies are no match for cling wrap. Here’s what to do: grab a small cup and a few pieces of fruit. Then use plastic wrap to cover the top and poke a hole in the middle with a pen or pencil. The flies find their way inside the cup but have trouble escaping the plastic wrap, effectively trapping them.

5.Use plastic wrap to keep bananas fresh

Bananas, much like avocados, are notorious for quickly moving from fresh to over-ripe. To slow down the process and keep your bananas fresh, try wrapping the stems of the fruit with plastic wrap.

6.Stop bottle leakage

Frequent flyers often learn the hard way that some bottle caps are bad at their job. Avoiding shampoo, conditioner and body wash spills is easy with a piece of plastic wrap. Remove the lids or caps, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the bottle, then secure the lids back into place. It’s an easy packing hack that ensures everything that’s in the bottle stays in the bottle.

7.Prevent freezer burn

Never let good ice cream go to waste because of freezer burn again. Cover the top of your ice cream container—or anything else you freeze—and put the lid back on top. This double-duty system keeps frozen food fresh.

8.Protect clothes

Kitchen aprons are great and all, but they’re just another thing to clean after cooking. Try using a piece of plastic wrap instead to cover your chest and clothes when you’re stirring that simmering pot of tomato sauce. Simply peel it off after dinner is served.

9.Keep lettuce fresh

Keeping lettuce fresh with plastic wrap is similar to keeping flowers fresh with plastic wrap. Take your bowl of lettuce and cover it with a damp paper towel before covering the whole bowl in plastic wrap. It should keep for seven days or so.

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