6 Excellent Benefits of Flexible Food Packaging – Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic Shopping Bags

Flexible packaging is an essential part for businesses in the food packaging industry. After all, its non-rigid versatility limit a lot of boxes on their must-have lists, from cost-effectiveness to brand reinforcement. There are many reasons why this type of food packaging is popular among purchasing managers and consumers. Below are the main benefits of flexible packaging for food – plastic shopping bags:

1/ It is an Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Flexible packaging materials are reusable and recyclable. They require less energy to produce, minimizing waste and emissions. In addition, thanks to its light weight, the transport needs fewer trucks. That means less fuel and less air pollution.

2/ Durability is Ensured

Flexible food packaging is lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong. The poly materials are not only light and flexible, but also durable to keep food safe. They are good at protecting products from outside contaminants, keeping food fresh, and allowing it to last longer. This is beneficial for both suppliers and consumers.

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3/ Plastic Bags are More Convenient for Consumers

Lighter and less bulky flexible poly bags make it easy to carry, transport, and store food. Plus, the packaging can be reused, which provides a sense of environmental consciousness. This type of packaging bag is resealable, too, so food stays fresher longer. Normally, consumers are willing to pay more for all of the advantages flexible packaging bags offer.

4/ You can Save for Shipping and Transportation Costs

Consumers like the convenience of poly shopping bags, those in the food industry like that it makes for fast and easy shipping. As a result of being lighter and taking up less space, this kind of bags costs less shipping fee.

5/ Plastic Bags Offer Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

Because of the simple way to produce poly bags, production can accommodate quick turnarounds while also saving on costs. It entails just two steps: extruding the plastic, then cutting and sealing it to size in varying quantities. That means orders can be finished in less time and for less money than traditional packaging options.

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6/ Food Flexible Packaging is Customizable

It is easy to print text and images on this type of packaging, which is a great way for customer to recognize your brand. You can get creative with your design then. The flexibility of poly bags for any size or shape packaging and imagery will catch the eye of possible passing customers.

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