Wicketed Bread Bags for Efficient Bakery Packaging

Wicketed Bread Bag

Great for bakeries producing large volumes or bread loaves and other baked goods

Advantages of using wicketed bread bags

  1. INCLUDE WICKET DISPENSER: stay in place until taken off the wicket.
  2. KEEP BREAD FRESHER FOR LONGER: allow just the right amount of air to flow through so your baked goods stay fresh and flavorful.
  3. CONVENIENTLY FREEZER-SAFE: great for storing bagels, banana bread, hamburger buns, and other types of bread in your fridge or freezer.
  4. BEAUTIFULLY SHOWCASE BAKED GOODS: with a crystal clear finish, these clear bread bags effortlessly display the freshness and colors of your fresh bread.

Wicketed bread bags can be used in many ways in your own home.

  • Store fruit and vegetables
  • Irrigate plants slowly by filling the bag with water and poking holes in it
  • Collect food scraps for the compost bin
  • Pack shoes or toiletries for traveling
  • Use as a mini liner
  • Turn it into an ice bag for bumps and bruises
  • Marinade or season food
  • Store in the car as a car-sickness bag or a dirty diaper bag
  • Use as a freezer bag


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