Origin of plastic bags

Plastic bags are made from plastic and the main component is PVC, so the bag is light in weight, soft, supple, good elasticity and elasticity, many sizes, shapes, designs, colors, styles. different shapes are used and for different purposes depending on the usage of the user.


The reason why plastic bags are popular and widely used

Plastic bags have many outstanding advantages, so they are widely used in life. Here are some outstanding advantages of plastic bags.

– Nylon bags are convenient, highly flexible, easy to use, easy to carry, can hold many things.

– Cheaper than other products, saving more costs.

– Can be used for a long time, used many times by very high durability, can be reused to protect the environment.

– Diverse in design, size, shape, type, depending on different purposes, there will be different types of plastic bags.

– Waterproof like a paper bag so it can be used even in the rain.

– Highly aesthetic, can be used to advertise brands, products or businesses.


Applications of plastic bags

Plastic bags are a type of bag made from plastic, so they are very durable, tough, thin, light and convenient. Today, plastic bags are used a lot in daily life. Due to its convenience and low cost, plastic bags have become a popular and widely used type of packaging. Now, whenever buying any object, tool or product, the buyer is always served with a plastic bag to wrap, wrap, store, and line. Buy fish to buy vegetables also use plastic bags, buy books, notebooks, buy fruit cakes, gifts, medicines also use plastic bags… Plastic bags are also used to store soup, sugar cane juice, pickles, etc. salted tomatoes, containing liquid foods to take away. Plastic bags are also used to store garbage, waste products, discarded items… In addition, plastic bags are also used to store many other things. Plastic bags have become an indispensable product for each of us.


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