Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers assessment criteria (P1)

Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers are improving every day to increase competitive advantages by good quality of products, reasonable prices and customer services in sale and after sale.
Hanpak would like to suggest some criteria for customers reference in choosing Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers to cooperate.

1. Material of Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers

Good materials account for 50% product quality.
Currently, there are a lot of material sources for manufactures to choose. Every type of materials has different specifications with various uses as per customer’s requirement. Almost Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers buy resin made in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, etc. and additives from Vietnam factories. Therefore, customers are totally comfortable in cooperating with Vietnam plastic bag manufactures.

2. Experience and process in producing

Experience and production process are really important criteria to assess manufacturer because they need to understand each type of materials, machines, technology and control the quality at every part as well. For example, they need to adjust temperature for suitable in extruding and cutting. Besides, they need to be proficient at handling arise problem in production process to reach the lowest error percent.

3. Quality management system

To meet quality of products and delivery time as per customer’s requirements, every manufacturer has to follow quality management system. Therefore, staff in each factory need to be trained and very clear this quality controlling process as well as take charge of the part they work. QC, QA perform all daily, hourly inspection and test of the specifications necessary to achieve the quality of goods required in production sheets. They have to take responsibility in finding out the error and proposing solution timely also.

Hanpak prouds of being one of Vietnam plastic bag manufacturers reaching all above criteria.
We believe that customers will satisfy when working with us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone/whatsapp +84 898 545 893.

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