Uses of PE Stretch film

Hand Stretch film

1. In agriculture

PE film is also known as “bale wrap”. Commonly used in agriculture such as wrapping animal feed to prevent damage, etc.

In agriculture, agricultural mulch film is used to cover agricultural products, cover the soil to avoid pests, weeds or used in greenhouses.

Agricultural Film || SHOUMANThickening Agriculture Black Shade Pe Film, for Protection Against Frost  Control Plants Weaver Keep a Warm Mulch Film Plastic Black Agricultural : Garden

2. In family and daily life

In the family, it is called “cling film” or “food wrap”.

Used to wrap food to protect food from dust and insects. Preserve food longer, fresher and cleaner.

NEWGEN Packaging System ::cling film - Food-grade, eco-friendly wrap to keep your food fresh

3. In industry

In industry, pallet wrapping film is used to wrap goods, components, and fix pallets of goods. To protect them from impact, moisture, dust during transportation.

Moreover, it can also make product packaging to advertise businesses to customers and consumers.

Office Depot Brand Stretch Wrap Film 20 x 1000 Roll Clear - Office Depot

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