Top Advantages of Stretch Film Wrapping

Advantage of Stretch film

Top Advantages of Stretch Film: Stretch film is one of the most popular unitizing and pallet wrapping methods on the market today. It is a stretchable plastic film that can prevent products from being damaged in the shipment process due to improper handling, sudden movements, or environmental factors. Nowadays, millions of companies uses Stretch film for their business in all over the world because of much its advantages. Stretch film is one of the strongest products of Hanpak JSC with capacity of 1500ton per month. Let’s us find out top advantages of Stretch film as following:

1. How Stretch Wrapping Delivers Superior Protection

Stretch wrap loads are more secure which minimize shipping damages.

UVI stretch films can protect products stored outdoors from UV rays.

Strong opaque films conceal load contents and reduce instances of pilferage.

Stretch films keeps products free of dust, moisture and dirt.

2. Why Stretch Film is Cost Effective

The second advantage of Stretch Film is effective cost. Stretch wrap film is more cost effective than alternatives such as strapping, corrugated or heat shrink film.

Machine Stretch film typically cost less than same caliber alternatives like shrink wrapping and strapping equipment.

Moreover, Stretch wrappers uses less energy to operate than other unitizing methods like shrink wrap systems.

3. Why Stretch Film Wrapping is More Efficient

Increased packaging operation efficiency

Improved Inventory control

Increases worker productivity

Scan-through optics

Versatility of pallet load types

Advantage of Stretch film
Advantage of Stretch film

4. Stretch Wrap Film is Recyclable

These are top 4 advantages of Stretch film which makes it more and more popular in plastic packing field.

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