Tips for choosing plastic bag for food

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Speaking of food plastic packaging, it is important to find a packaging solution that ensures both freshness and food safety, there are some specific considerations you need to take into account.

1, Purpose of use

You should clearly define the purpose for which the bag will be used. For example, If storing large quantities of food or liquids, choose a bag with a wide bottom (star seal/bottom gusset). Food such as meat, fish, etc. can use flat bottom bags. Scented foods, or snacks, fruits that want to be preserved for a long time should be put in a zip bag.

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2, MaterialLDPE vs HDPE Plastic Bags l Low-Density vs High-Density Polyethylene l Food Safe Packaging Supplier - YouTube

  • HDPE is a plastic with a high density of polyethylene, high mechanical strength, almost chemically inert, and good temperature resistance (120 degrees Celsius for a short time, or 110 degrees Celsius for a long time).
  • LDPE plastic is also a good choice for making food bags. This is a low density polyethylene plastic, chemically inert but slightly less physically than HDPE, able to withstand temperatures of 95 degrees Celsius for short periods of time, or 80 degrees Celsius for long periods of time.

Both LDPE and HDPE are considered safe for food contact and used to make bags for agricultural products, meat, snacks, etc. They are odorless, colorless plastic approved for use by the FDA for food grade use.

3, Size and thickness

The characteristic of plastic is flexibility, so it is easy to manufacture according to the shape and size you want. However, choosing small and thin bags can lead to tearing or breaking the bottom when you try to stuff foods in the same bag. Depending on the size of the product, you will choose the appropriate size and thickness of the plastic bag.SINGLET PLASTIC BAG ALL SIZES(POP) | Shopee Malaysia



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