Produce bags on roll, what is this? Click here to know!

Produce bags on roll ( or plastic bags on roll, flat poly bags on roll, roll bags) are bags that are produced on a roll with paper or plastic core and with perforated line easy for tearing. This item is great for grocery produce for use as grocery produce bags such as vegetable, fruit, meat, etc. and farmers market bags.

Bags on roll in Hanpak are made from 100% virgin plastic resin, so they are food grade, and meet FDA requirements.


At Hanpak, we offer both HDPE and LDPE produce bags as your request. Low density offers a more flexible tear resitant bag, with clear view. High Density bags on rolls have outstanding strength and light weight, with foggy clear color ( more opaque than LDPE), are the traditional choice.


Beside plain items, Hanpak also make custom print versions, depending on your request. “eat 5 a day”, “Fresh garden”, or any designs, such as suffocation warning, chocking hazard warning, your logo/brand,etc…


We are manufacturer, so we can produce all sizes you need, which is available in convenient rolls. 11’’x19’’, 11×14’’, 11×17’’ or 12’’x17’’, these specifications are the most common.


Produce bags help to keep items separate both in the customer cart and at checkout.


Produce bags on roll are usually only in the production section. However, they are a utilitarian “tool” than can function elsewhere. Therefore, you should call them as multi-purpose bags, roll forms with perforated line -easy to tear and use, strong resistance, light weight.

HANPAK Plastic Bags on Roll

Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE virgin
Additive: biodegradable, color masterbatch, recycle
Print: Premium Gravure technology

Print ability: Up to 8 colors
Specifications: as customised

Our Bags on roll which is an economical choice for wholesalers, offer saving for you and best qualified for customers.

If you are new to our industry, you may not know exactly what kind of bag you need for your application, CONTACT HANPAK here or reach / +84 898 545 893 to have high qualified plastic bags at affordable range.

Here, we accept custom size, color, design all as your request. Best offer for your right products right away!!

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