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produce basg on roll?

Small rolls of clear, food grade polythene bags with tear-line perforations for easy dispensing in retail and home environments.

Simply pull the bag from the roll in one simple and easy method.

Plastic packaging is extremely light-weight storage option that doesn’t require a lot of storage space either.

Since they don’t take up much storage space, they’re extremely easy to transport, thus reducing carbon footprint during transportation.

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Plastic bag can survive in extreme environments and don’t easily degrade in hot or cold temperatures, thus preserving integrity of the food or beverage inside it.

It also protects your products from moisture, oxygen, dust and light

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The high versatility of plastic allows for ease of reuse and recycling.

In fact, these day’s companies are creating specialized plastic making machine that help you optimize on the recyclability of plastic

Plastic packaging is highly economical and can be used by all industries irrespective of their scale of operations.

The cost-effectiveness of plastic food packaging is especially beneficial to small scale product manufacturers as it allows access to standard packaging options in spite of lower budget


If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of plastic bag, especially plastic food packaging, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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