Produce bag on roll – Superior Food Storage Packaging

While there are many options and alternative materials that can be used for food packaging, roll-on plastic bags are the first choice. Plastic packaging in general has kept this popularity for many years due to its adaptability and durability.

Flexible food bags

Thanks to the variety of sizes and thicknesses, plastic bags have become the most popular type of food packaging today. You can use them more flexibly when storing food in the refrigerator, freezer or other types of storage… Moreover, plastic bags are also easily suitable for a variety of fresh foods or dry agricultural products such as cereal grains…

Durable and tough

Plastic packaging can survive in harsh environments and is not easily degraded in hot and cold temperatures, thus preserving the integrity of the food or beverage inside it. It also protects your product from moisture, oxygen, dust, light and odors. The durability of plastic packaging also allows manufacturers to print high-quality, eye-catching custom designs and thus increase product visibility in retail environments.

Optimizing usage costs

Plastic packaging is highly economical and can be used for all industries regardless of size of operation. The cost-effectiveness of plastic food packaging is particularly beneficial for small-scale product manufacturers as it allows access to standardized packaging options despite lower budgets.
The high flexibility of plastic allows for easy reuse and recycling. In fact, companies are creating specialized plastic bag making machines that help you optimize the recyclability of your plastic.

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