PP non-woven bags – Perfect choice for green living

Accompanied by the massive development of economies and societies, customers tend to consume a gigantic quantity of bags for numerous different activities. However, many bags cannot be recycled or bio-degradable and then they will lead to serious damages to environment. This issue also is Hanpak’s concern and strongly encourages our company to manufacture products which are environment-friendly and protect the nature. And PP non-woven bags are invented to adapt our expectation of saving green life.

Let’s go into details to see how can PP non-woven bags conserve the mother nature!

What is PP non-woven?

PP non-woven is a plastic fabric made by taking thermoplastic polymers and spinning them into threads of material that are bonded together with heat. The finished PP non-woven fabric is soft to the touch and doesn’t feel like plastic at all.

Are PP non-woven bags eco-friendly products?

PP non-woven bags are 100% recyclable after use. Once melted down, PP non-woven can be recycled into a host of products – including a new reusable bag!

It also decreases the amount of waste from single-use plastic as each time a promotional bag is reused, it removes the need to use a plastic carrier bag.

The production of NWPP also uses less water than the production of cotton, which uses huge amounts of water.

*Note: Laminated PP non-woven kinds cannot be recycled.

What are features of PP non-woven bags?

  • 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Water-resistant so contents stay dry on a rainy day
  • Machine washable and hygienic
  • Bag base color can be Pantone matched to your branding needs
  • Easy to print on – 100% full-color coverage available
  • More economical than natural fibres, so ideal for businesses on a tighter budget
  • Available in a number of thicknesses (80gms, 100gms, 120gms)
  • Can be used for any bag style, size, shape or design

Recommended Print Techniques for a Non-woven PP Bag

Non-woven PP is a great fabric to print on. With 100% print coverage and a high-quality design, an NWPP bag will get your marketing messages across clearly.
Use Silkscreen printing to reproduce intricate artwork in either single block color or subtle color gradients. If you would like to use photographic CMYK artwork, then OPP lamination is recommended.

According to above reasons, it is indispensable that PP non-woven bags include many advantages, namely versatile, durable, economical and environmental-friendly. Furthermore, they a great canvas for printing bold, eye-catching designs and images.


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