Plastic is helping us reduce waste

Plastic is helping us reduce waste

The world is facing waste problem- Agree. Plastic is helping us reduce waste

The world is facing waste problem because of Plastics – Don’t Agree.

Plastic is helping us reduce waste. How does this mean?

Plastic waste contributes only 12-13% of total waste produced worldwide, then why we only talk about Plastic Waste?
Over decades Plastic has replaced packaging materials like glass and metals. In fact, if not Plastic, these materials would have been there in our waste cycle and would have ended up producing more waste.
Actually, replacing plastic will create 3-4 times more waste in the system. Production of waste is unavoidable, but the control is in our hands.
Plastic doesn’t dominate the waste stream but it has helped us reduce the quantity of waste over the years.
Without any doubt, the recycling rate has to be. increased but talking only about plastic waste and ignoring other types of waste which are contributing more is unjustified.

Plastic is helping us reduce waste

What about Paper/Cardboard and other “environment-friendly” material?

Paper and cardboard don’t justify this waste because the production of these products requires cutting of trees, harmful chemicals, lots of water and energy. If we talk about carbon footprints, plastics are the second greenest solution while recycled plastics being the first.

So please be aware of what you are bringing home and throwing in the dustbin.

What are your thoughts?

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