Plastic Bags Better for enviroment than other packaging materials (Part 2)

IMPACTS OF PLASTIC BAGS ON ENVIRONMENT are not much and  better appreciated i than other substitute bags.

Consumption of energy:

Production of plastic bags, paper bags and other bags need energy, but some energy can be recovered if these bags are recycled through the combustion process:

– The traditional plastic bags need just 182,361,4 kcal (calories) to produce, but there are about 2,581.3 kcal which can be recovered through the combustion.

– The bags made from starch and other materials require twice energy (494,741.9 kcal) for production, but the amount of kcal can be recovered is 3,477.5 kcal.

Paper bags are the worst with energy consumption which is 3 times as much as high plastic bags (626,672.9 kcal), while the amount of kcal can be recovered is 6,895.5 kcal.

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Plastic bags in comparison with paper bags:

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According to the Use Less Stuff – a group of activities on the environment, plastic bags create 39% of greenhouse gas emissions less than non-compostable paper bags and 68% to compostable paper bags.

Paper bags has the worst influence on energy and environment, global warming, land, water, and solid waste.


Currently, recycled plastic bags have reached a higher percentage than 10 years ago.

According to a survey done by Moore Recycling Associates, some types of recovered have an increase of 27 % between 2009 and 2010.

These bags account for about 13 % of recovered plastic film and materials in 2010. The figure reached nearly 127 million pounds in 2009.


Many studies show that plastic bags account for only a small portion of the garbage and the fact that the prohibition of such use also reduced a significant amount, the other studies indicate that plastic bags account for no more than average 1-2 % of the garbage.

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So, you did understand plastic bags doesn’t destroy on environment as much as people think about. 

However, you can still find an option for plastic bag which is biodegradable, recyclable or made from eco friendly materials. 

You can contact us for more information of these kinds of bags. 

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