Is nylon really as “bad” as you think?

First of all, this article is based on a personal perspective of feeling and sharing, without too much professional knowledge, so I hope people don’t comment in a difficult academic form.

Nilon is actually an invention of a very great plastic compound in 1935 by an American inventor ( … please continue to Google ) there are some documents that suggest that the original nylon was produced. Exported with the purpose of protecting the environment because of the ability to be reused many times to replace paper bags to reduce illegal deforestation

So why are plastic bags so widely used? The fact that plastic bags are used by people because of its convenience. The seller is “convenient” because it is too cheap to have to hesitate to spend an extra part of the product cost for the customer… even a tomato or a bunch of vegetables the seller always offers you a plastic bag. as a habit … the buyer is “convenient” to hang it anywhere motorcycle or hand-carry. I just talked about motorbikes, Our country is also one of the top countries in the world that uses very large motorbikes, so some plastic is also “convenient” according to that… let’s do a little calculation, you go motorbikes go to the market to see 1 day, if not refuse, how many bags will you receive in all x 365 days and then x with 90 million Vietnamese people and then weigh up… a terrible number. But still not really that bad

In fact, I still meet customers every day and consult with them about problems and solutions about environmentally friendly packaging. Customers always want to “follow the trend” of paper packaging and be a bit “extreme” with plastic and plastic…
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, paper is paper and plastic is plastic. You want the paper to be waterproof or the stories of paper bags to be as tough as plastic bags… or hundreds of similar stories. According to my understanding so far, it will be a long time before paper has the same convenient uses as nylon and vice versa.

This is not to promote plastic bags and support the widespread use of paper, because actually paper is still somewhat better than plastic because it is easier to recycle and decompose faster.

Using plastic bags is not bad, but the fact that you always exhort to protect the environment but sometimes go on the road, it is convenient to use a plastic bag or something to throw it straight into the street, even if it is a paper box, bagasse… it doesn’t make any sense
Environmental protection mainly comes from the problem that you classify your garbage later so that the garbage collectors can easily handle it, that is environmental protection.

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