Importance of Protective Packaging While Shipping Orders ( Final Story)



A poly mailer or courier bag is an elastic type of packaging, made from polyethylene LDPE, HDPE or L-LDPE coex. A poly mailer protects products inside from weather conditions like rain or high humidity. The imprint on poly mailers allows to better expose your logo or create a coherent line of packaging.

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Packing Peanuts

Also known as foam peanuts, packing peanuts are foam-based products that resemble a peanut’s shape. They are filled in the outer packaging with fragile items. They fill the space in the packaging and surround the product.


Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are also known as bubble wrap bags and are the most commonly used protective packaging option. They are a kind of bag-like formation with continuous little air-filled sacs that provide cushioning to the products in the packaging.


Packaging Foam

Packaging foam can be used for various products and be shaped and cut into different forms.

When a product is encased in a packaging foam, it is protected better from potential accidents.

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