How to stay healthy and happy while using reusable plastic bags?

Plastic bags

Reusing bags is a great way to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. However, to use them effectively, you should know some tips to ensure they are always clean and do not affect the health of you as well as your whole family.

1, Classifying

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Instead of picking the same bag for different purposes, let’s separate it in a reasonable way.

Reusable bags for food. For example, set aside a separate bag for meat, fish or poultry. Another compartment for fresh fruits and vegetables, and another for ready-to-eat foods. Never reuse bags containing raw meat, fish or poultry.

With bags for other purposes such as storing tools, clothes, pillows, you should separate from the food bag in a different location, to avoid the possibility of spreading bacteria as much as possible, also the confusion.

2, Storing

Storing reusable bags in a cool and dry place. One of the simplest ways to store them is choosing the largest bag then taking other reusable bags inside.

When it gets filled, the bag can sit upright or hang almost anywhere, like your kitchen pantry.

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Do not place in places with high temperatures, such as the temperature inside a car or the trunk of a car, this makes harmful bacteria grow rapidly.

3, Cleaning

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If reusable bags are not cleaned properly after that, it will accumulate more viruses and bacteria. Therefore, reusable bags should be washed with soap and water, then allowed to air dry. Note that before storing, make sure they are completely dry.

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