Cling Film Uses In Our Daily Life

Cling film food grade is one of the most used kitchen items and you probably mainly use it for food packaging. However, there are many other interesting ways you can use food wrap that you may have never thought of. Some of its clever uses are described here:

1, Food Packaging

This polymer is made directly from an ethylene monomer. PE cling film is highly recommended for food packaging as FDA approves polyethylene for food-safe contact. These films can save food from perishing. It extends its shelf-life and maintains the quality of food. Cling wrap usually protects food from gases, moisture, light, microorganisms, and mechanical damage.

Cling wrap can also decrease food waste, ease the distribution processes, and boost product visibility and microwave ability. You can also use plastic wrap to keep bananas and flowers fresh for a longer period. This film can also be used to freeze food.

2, Household Use

12 Surprising Uses For Plastic Wrap: Not Just For Food Only

  •  Storing knives and scissors eliminates the possibility of being dropped, lost or ensures safety for children.
  •  Covering and protecting the surfaces of refrigerators, windows, paintings, photos, tables and chairs,…
  •  Use a damp paper towel to wrap the stem, then wrap it with plastic wrap to help keep the flowers fresh longer.
  •  Covering the paint can with plastic wrap also helps limit the strong paint smell and prevents the paint layer from drying out.
  •  Preventing liquid spills when moving: drinks, shampoo, conditioner…

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