5 Reasons to Use Trash Bags (Part 2)

Bagging your trash can also make your life a little bit simpler. We’re all looking for ways to make life simpler and one good move toward that simple life is making as few trips to your trash can as possible. Now, when we say trash can we of course mean the can you put out to get serviced.

If you use indoor cans with trash bags in them you don’t have to walk out to the service trash can every time you have a little waste to throw away. You can make one trip when your indoor trash bag is full, saving you a little time.

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4. It’s the nice thing to do

Bagged trash is much nicer, cleaner, and easier to handle than loose trash. Loose trash is frustrating and hard to work with. 


The second reason keeping trash contained in a bag is important is because it is much easier and faster to pack into our trucks.

Loose trash has a knack of escaping the packer blade meaning we have to spend more time packing the trash at each stop to get all the loose stuff in. If we don’t get it packed into the truck it could blow away during the drive to the next pick-up location.

5. Trash Bags keep trash contained

This is a biggy and it should probably be number one on the list. Loose trash is very hard to keep contained during dumping and transportation.

For one, all it takes is a slightly breezy day to turn the hopper of a garbage truck into something resembling a wind tunnel and loose trash often doesn’t fare out so well. If loose trash blows away while we’re dumping it or driving to the next location we have to chase it down and get it in the truck because littering isn’t cool.

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